Spot the odd one out hpn August 11, 2008 - 20:40
While Abhinav Bindra made those among the billion Indians who get a chance to bother about Olympics (enough to check it on the news) proud, it saved the same billion from what could have been a huge embarrassment of a much publicized event. But then, several things may go unnoticed or just shadowed. This report for instance which asserts on, but never quite gets noticed when it says:
"And Sports Minister M S Gill had the last word.

Ads are good

Submitted by hpn on August 21, 2007 - 18:57
We keep hearing that Cricket telecast elsewhere in the world have less ads than in India. Ads between every over might sound crazy, but this might just be good in a way. Watching TV without breaks might strain the eyes, but telecast with commercial breaks every over? you might be keeping the remote at your hands reach pressing the mute button every now and then (which is good exercise, btw), and taking your eyes and mind away for something else that lessens the strain while also giving you a chance to get out of the addiction and switch off the TV set!