Away from Computer for a long long time...

Submitted by hpn on September 15, 2007 - 10:36
I guess some people are still keeping a watch on my blog, which is rather encouraging considering that I haven't been writing here as regularly as I used to before. The website has long been neglected owing to several other of my free time commitments. This time around, for last couple of months that is, [:|I did make some efforts to write something], however stupid they came out to be. But eventually I had to bow out when sickness hit me again. I'd been terribly ill for last couple of weeks. The doctor said its too much time spent in front of computer, so I had to take break - longer one this time. Having spent few days in hospital, having gone through horrible set of drugs, and then wondering several days whether I would ever be of normal health again, I'm fortunately recovering. That is the log for now. Hopefully, I'll write again soon. Much of my interest still is around Kannada related write-ups, and if you too like reading Kannada, you can find some interesting articles [:|here].

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