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After more than ten years spent in Bengaluru, we've learned as much to avoid food outside. Eating food outside hasn't been the same in Bengaluru as it was several years back. However, there are few exceptions. Maiya's is one such restaurant. At Maiya's you get the traditional flavors of Udupi, Mangalore. The food is of better quality. If the South Indian food gets boring, there are always pastries, some bakery stuff and Gujarathi style restaurant for a change.

Ichalu, ಈಚಲು (Arecaceae, Phoenix sylvestris)

An Ichalu tree with fruits. Commonly known as the Indian winepalm or the Indian Wild date.

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Karantaka University, Dharwad

Photo: Hari Prasad Nadig

We were all quite excited - it was the first ever Wikipedia workshop in North Karnataka. Dharwad has long been a center of learning, a place famous for legendary scholars and musicians. Known for its literary activity as well, Dharwad/Hubli is easily a potential contributor to knowledge revolutions in Kannada of the digital…