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Shishunala Sharif, Govinda Bhat

A rather rare photo that has ShishunaLa Shariff and Govinda Bhatt. I captured this from a photo at poet H S Venkateshamurthy's place.

Note: The quality of photo ain't that good.


Going by the description on the photo, ShishunaLa Shariff is the second one from right - last row.

Being someone who's behind the camera for most part, a photo of me with the camera in my hand is a rare and memorable shot. Here's one:

Hari Prasad Nadig

Photo: Wikimedia Isreal



Wikimania 2011 at Haifa, Isreal

Back home from Haifa. Wikimania 2011 was excellent.

It was great to meet Wikipedians from all over the world. There's plenty to take forward from the event.

A special thanks to Wikimedia Israel for the marvellous event. I heard from others that this one has been the best Wikimania to the date. I haven't been to any of the…