Organ Trade: the Indian situation

Submitted by hpn on February 12, 2007 - 11:56
I caught up [:,72675-0.html?tw=wn_index… this news article on Wired] only today. The article discusses on how organs are being sold in India in violation of the [:|The transplantation of human organs act of 1994]. Quote:
More than 500 people across the state of Tamil Nadu say they've sold their kidneys to organ brokers, in violation of a ban enacted in 1994.
The articles goes on to reveal the helplessness of the authority concerned quoting an anonymous source:
"We do everything in accordance with the letter of the law on paper, but we know that almost all of the documents we see are false,"
"It is an open secret. It is either, approve a transplant with forged documents, or a patient is going to die."
The article also caught up with what seems to be the truth:
"These brokers are not rich people," said police superintendent Chandrabasu (his only name) of the Crime Branch Central Investigation Department in Chennai. "Out of the (several thousand dollars) they took as their commission from the operation, most of that went to bribes. They would only make about ($300) per transaction in the end."
Time for law, health care and police reforms? We Indians need to wake up.

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