Now, Murali is the greatest of all...

Submitted by hpnadig on May 9, 2004 - 08:01
Barely two days after this, Murali has become the greatest of all the bowlers in the Test Cricket history. Murali is the greatest! He passed the Magic Milestone of 519 Test Wickets. He's done this at an age of 32 and in just 89 matches, which is in itself is a great achievement. With this, He's become the most successful, legendary spinner of all times. Here are some interesting links. Murali passes the magic milestone: says cricinfo about this tremendous feat. Murali, the king of 'Doosra': says the Times of India. Once again, the players of sub-continent have proved to be better than the rest of the cricketing world. It won't be a surprise if someone from here breaks Lara's record too very soon! anyways, up with Murali and Murali's doosras! ;-)