More Store: A pathetic store, an open letter

Submitted by hpn on March 27, 2008 - 18:28
Hello all at MoreStore, We walked into your Store at Nagarbhavi, Bengaluru partly curious to witness to what extent Aditya Birla has changed Fabmall :-) But I should say that I was very disappointed with the quality of supply and the unpolished attitude of apparently untrained personnel. Several goods that are well beyond their declared shelf life (expiry) are still dogging for customer's attention. Soft Drinks with labels stripped off, Soft Drinks with leaked bottles, Dusty packs of fruit juice, stale vegetables (at the door and inside) are mostly to be seen. It is a mess! Much of the commodities we see in better supermarkets are missing. When asked for an "agarabatti dhoop", one of the personnel vaguely pointed to a section and never cared to answer our query related to a particular brand. When asked the second time, the answer was a rude "No, we don't have it" that sounded keen in seeing us off! Also missing were the much required banners and simple, error-free translations in the local language. (This is very important!) Billing machines were down and people were being shooed off without a printed bill. I was quite happy to see TopRamen in 'feaster' label available at a lesser price (haven't tried it yet!). The Feaster labeled cookies were good. Apart from that I don't see any worth in visiting that store anytime again. Thought you people above all should know. So much for the Indian brand. Happy retailing (But pass on more discounts, up the quality and be good) :-)

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