Wondering what keeps us disconnected from nature

Submitted by hpn on March 10, 2021 - 07:48

For most part, we are becoming indulged in a life that is extremely disconnected from nature. In our routine life, we seldom see the birds that are flying overhead, we do not see the trees that we walk past. We do not get to think, for a moment, where the birds and animals -- that are still part of our ecosystem -- are getting their food from or where they are getting their water from. We have gotten used to be oblivious of their presence. Only at certain times when our mind is free and when we have some time from the busy life do we really pay attention to observe some of these. In case you don't get that chance, they remain locked out of your sight and away from your mind.  

When we think of having food these days, we just order it over an app. Or we go somewhere outside to eat. And most often, we do not worry about the waste that we are generating while doing that. Someone picks up the trash, some one else cleans. So, we do not worry what happens next. Turns out that the trash we generate is just dumped somewhere. That happens only if it is picked up, because it has to be cleaned up. If it doesn't get picked up, which is most often the case in Bengaluru, it is just burnt where it accumulates. Most often on the roadside, where you may have been walking each day or on a corner of the road, where everyone sees fit to 'isolate' the undesirables.

We usually do not see how much of our life has been having an impact on the ecosystem we live in. Forget the environment, our lifestyles have had impact on our own lives or on the lives of those who live around us. When the trash that is accumulated on the roadside is burnt, someone who lives close by gets affected. The trash that gets dumped near a village outside the city affects the health of those unsuspecting villagers. Their ground water gets affected and their life goes into disarray gradually over a period of time. 

So, how do we get to a point where we do not worry about birds, animals and even other people who live beside us? And what keeps us so disconnected from nature?

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