On what was going on in her mind

Submitted by hpn on June 12, 2017 - 09:24

When building with her lego blocks, the little-one sometimes gets bored of building similar things. When that happens, she requests me to build something for her, perhaps looking for something new. A new perspective, maybe.

Today, she diligently waited until I finished my dinner. I was a bit surprised. She sat right there waiting. When there were some phone calls I had to answer right after that, she waited further with patience - pacing back and forth with me whilst I spoke on phone. This followed with the usual questions by her - "Who did you speak with?", "What did they ask?".

When I finally got around to help her build, she was quite exhausted, yet observing carefully. At some point, she even started adding to what I created. While she was fighting sleep, I was fighting an urge to watch the #Cricket match, having been away from laptop anyway. I couldn't switch to watching Cricket though, seeing her so happy and involved.

Once she was was satisfied with the outcome of what we built together, she kissed me on my cheeks, bid me 'Good night', wished me 'Sweet Dreams' and went to her bed.

I then realised that she just wanted me to spend some quality time with her!

The complexity in understanding what is going on in children's mind is mind boggling.


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