Submitted by hpn on November 29, 2006 - 19:06
Dr. Rajkumar's [:|this particular song] from an old film [:|has gathered] lots of peevish comments from people who conspicuously are non-Kannadigas. Peevish, I say, because they know not the greatness of the person they seem to fancy calling a clown going by just this clip. A blog, maintained by a bengali studying in US reads sarcastically:
"Dr. Rajkumar does what is probably the most awesome english music video ever"
with a link to the video on Youtube. A troll, adds in a comment on the Youtube page saying,
"the guy is the jackass of the century.."
Another idiot even seems to fancy calling him a fag. Less do they realize that actors, be it Dr. Raj or Shahrukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan or Rajnikanth or any other Indian actors - have all had some light moments on screen doing what they were asked to do by the directors. It is stupid to gauge them by just those few minutes of clips. It is their job to entertain, and such pieces might have been appealing to the generation it was targeted to - it need not have the same effect now.