ARC will pay the medical expenses

Submitted by hpn on September 25, 2006 - 18:27
There was this not-so-good-looking card lying in my wallet for a long time now. I had never taken it out for last many months. It was no Credit Card, but Accident Relief Care card that my father had subscribed for me. Everyone at our home now has a subscription each of that. I'm told that this subscription enables easy access to hospital in case of emergency during road accidents - which normally is very rare thing in India (at least the way I've seen it). They also reimburse the medical expenses for the treatment given after the accident. A public relations officer from this company visited our place today to record [:…|my little accident of the other day]. Its like insurance, he says, and the medical bills accumulated here for last few days would be reimbursed. Although this isn't really a big thing for me now, it is nice to have such a system in place. For those who've had major mishaps, this might be a lifesaver. People in Bangalore can call up these numbers for ARC subscription: 22207788 22207799 22384488 22384499