Met with an accident

Submitted by hpn on September 23, 2006 - 18:09
Bangalore roads are never easy, even for the experienced. Few years back, I had travelled a great distance on my old bike through the dangerous NH 48 - Bangalore - ShravanaBelagola - Hassan - Shimoga and back without even a scratch or a tinge of bad experience. That was when I had my old and not-so-sophisticated bike as this one. But today was probably just a late dark day of [:|'Amaavasya'] for me. I was in Jayanagar to meet Praveen and Ramu to discuss "Wikipedians meet" during Jimbo's Bangalore visit. On my way back, Praveen came back with me so that I could drop him half way back home. For a change, I took the not-so-busy roads of Jayanagar 4th block and cruised my bike in, when something that I least expected happened. My first accident on this favourite bike of mine from the day I bought it few years back! The sand scattered all over the road was the culprit, and my bike's brakes, too. The bike zoomed, skidded and almost went beneath Hyundai Accent that was parked few feet away. Me and Praveen were thrown off the bike. I fell straight over my jaws, but luckily I had my Helmet on which saved a major mishap. I could've ended up easily with broken jaws and lost some teeth without the helmet. The helmet was damaged badly, and scares me when I imagine myself having not worn it at that moment of time. The pillion was miraculously fine but had few little abrasions on leg. But I ended up with good deal of injuries on palm, legs and back of my hand. Lip on the right side was torn for most part. I could barely walk, but thanks to Dad who came rushing in Car. I went to a nearby hospital, got myself checked. They gave me an Anti-Tetanus injection (something called Tet-vax or sorts). A nurse there put some brown liquid on all wounds (looked like Iodine) and sprayed something over them (which made the wounds terribly burn and hurt). The spray seemed to have worked, although, on most wounds as they've dried up faster. Much of my worry was "what if my leg is fractured" et al in these tough days with busy schedule. But hopefully nothing like that has happened. The doc checked my leg and said that there were apparently no injuries to bone, but if it swells more for next day or two even after taking the medicine (an analgesic, an anti-biotic and a revitalizer) that he's given, he says, I'll need to go for a check up back again. I've had trouble walking, but sitting on my bed with Notebook. Wifi has made the pain and boredom vanish. :-) With deep injuries on palm, I had trouble typing. But Mom nicely bandaged my palm so that I could type, and here goes this blog entry. Lesson learnt: Remember to put on helmet when going out on bike. It made a lot of difference for me today. :-)