Money leeches

Submitted by hpnadig on January 10, 2005 - 18:25
Me and pramod were coming back from Majestic this evening after some small purchase we made there... when this unfortunate thing happened. I was moving straight ahead with my bike near hudson circle. Somehow, I was indecisive of the direction in which I was supposed to turn, and I slowed down to take a right turn. This guy from nowhere with his son on the back hits the back of my bike, falls down and this was enough for the traffic mamu standing there to call us aside. Ofcourse, mamu (the traffic police) wanted money, and so did perhaps the guy who hit my bike (nothing happened to them, their haiku honda got some scratches near the mudguard) Now, they started claiming it was all my fault and I should've put an indicator in that four roads diversion. Pramod chose to stay silent and watched. Mamu took off the keys, asked for my license - pocketed it, and asked to settle it with the fellows. I was a confused lot on whatever had happened already and it looked like the fellows were doing a mimic of pain after doing fine until now. Mamu asked them to go and check in martha's if they felt any pain. They said 'no' and that they were 'ok'. But the highly apparent mimic continued. Interestingly they stood up like nothing at all had happened when I nodded to pay for the repairs to mudguard. Strange. I was polite enough to give my cell number and address. Now, the traffic police (mamu) says that his 'higher up' would be here any time soon and would register a case and we would have to wait. right, understood. The demand was for 500 bucks. Maybe he thought I was a rich fellow with my pockets filled. Bargain went on... it was settled for 300 bucks. Normally the price is 100 bucks they say. (I felt like a jackass for shelling out that much money after everyone told me about the 'regular price' later in the evening). "They are money leeches, they are!" I thought. The number was scratched off from his paper. I then quickly move to the fellows and tell them that I would get that repaired somewhere nearby, but they wouldn't agree. The elder guy says "We'll leave this to showroom. Come and pay there". I then repeatedly request them to come over to nearest clinic for a check up if needed, they politely say 'no' and say they're very much fine and ask me to remember coming over to showroom the next day. They are ok now, and are ready to leave. After an hour, I call up the guy at the phone number he gave me, he says "My son felt a bit of pain, so we are here at martha's to collect a 'certificate'". And how much does a medical certificate in a government hospital cost? not more than 100 bucks. They can even get a free Xray without ever taking one, *ready made* for such occasions for a few more bucks. guess what hit my mind... "Money leeches they're all... money leeches" Government Doctors, Police, Lawyers, RTO fellows, Muncipality guys are all well known for leeching money, now the other people too have learnt to make the best out of occasions. Few are used to take the full advantage of it. sigh. Now to wait and see what happens next...