Submitted by hpnadig on July 1, 2004 - 16:49
ah... some eventful week! I've largely stayed at home, all these days. Except for few occasions when I went to meet my friends and ended up visiting many corners of Bangalore... Surprise for the week... my good ol' friend, santosh threw a unexpected phone call this morning. Its been almost 4 years since we saw each other's face! He was a don ;) in both school and college. Though we studied in different colleges, we used to be sitting in the same tutions every day, which was virtually another college for us! around 6-8 hrs of tution used to be there, each day! It was phun with all those good friends. I miss our group... Finally, though, all of them will be gathering in Bangalore, which is nice thing to happen. All good ol' friends in Bangalore! yipeee!