The Roller coaster...

Submitted by hpnadig on June 8, 2004 - 19:29
well, its been days of phun... after the days of anxiety and busy days. suddenly, after all the gushes of exams, reports, here's this nice peaceful time... all these get togethers, movies, phun. (in general, being the master of your own time!) ;-) after a nice send-off was recieved, everyone's busy haunting theaters, restaurants, (and ofcourse few busy hunting jobs) watching 2 movies in a week, after no movies for months together, was in itself a record on my side ;-) On the hacking front, nothing was done all this week. obvious, heh. ;-) I revamped the code of few of my semester projects, took some time off re-structuring the files... planning to put them on my homepage soon. On evolution front, I was glad that the enhancement that I gave, was accepted (and committed). hpj did mention that it was a good job. I'm indeed happy for that :-)