Here comes the end of Engineering...

Submitted by hpnadig on June 3, 2004 - 16:56
So, its the end, finally. This was the end few waited for and others hated. I can't really explain what it really gives an 'end' to, but something is really going to end, unfortunately/fortunately. There's gonna be regrets, and there won't be regrets too... All in all, the statements that were making rounds in our campus tells it all: "I'm Unemployed from today" [1] "I'm not gonna ask my dad money for movies, from now on" [2] "I'm an Engineer, now!" [3] "I'm not gonna see all of ya for a while, bohoo!" [4] and there were few good/bad things told/said/hated about the college staff/lecturers/principal which I did better not mention. ;) [1] (was largely prevailing, especially in our campus, CMRIT, where there wasn't any placement, all those who got job got it outside the campus) [2] (was heard at times, but did heat up others' stomach with fire) [3] (fools, few thought, as they should be saying this after results... gee!) [4] (few with a lot of sentiments were pushing out all this from their mouths, with lots of despair) And the future plans have been long discussed ones... though serious considerations are prevailing as of now... "I'm gonna be grabbing whatever job that comes my way" "I'm gonna start something on my own" "I'm gonna try my hand on something else, with coaching, probably"