Activity Log

Submitted by hpnadig on May 30, 2004 - 13:51
yes, activity log. long time, no blog... here's the reason why: I've been mugging (yep, mugging's the word) last two days for the sole theory paper of 8th sem for completing VTU formalities. The subject is too general that whatever I try to memorize in it, the general issues I would've read on the net prop up in my mind. whew! gotto see how I fare on the morrow. I'm finished with the formalities required for the project work, did a bit of work on Ximian Evolution and learnt loads of things. I was lucky to have gotto work amongst the legends of Opensource. I enjoyed it... 'am gonna write about it soon, maybe after the exams. Meanwhile, I made myself a bit of time to revamp the Kannada Localization Project Website. The whole resource pool is still a lot unstructured, resulting in less response from kannada patrons. I'm looking forward to put it right, once I get some time. I'm enjoying my stay at deviant art... don't ask me what's meant by 'deviant'. Look up the dictionary for that. Whatever that means or sounds to be, it is a very nice service. I've uploaded loads of my artworks there. Check them. hafta search for one good job somewhere. Now, Its just the exam tomorrow. I can think beyond that after this paper. ;)