Got a message saying Osama Bin Laden got arrested? lol! you got duped!

Submitted by hpnadig on May 15, 2004 - 19:42
Here's a prank, that says Osama bin Laden has been arrested in Delhi. lol! believe it, would you? the page's been worked to exact detail. pretty fancy, uh? ;-) ( Update: the link is down, now. obvious for a prank ;-) ) ( 18/4/2004 ) Spreads like Wildfire... I was pushing fast my work (night out), when this friend of mine gushed in these statements on IM: (23:55:27) (friend): guru r u ther e (23:55:54) hpnadig: yes? (23:56:09) (friend): BREAKING NEWS : OSAMA BIN LADE ARRESTED IN DELHI !!!!! (23:56:15) (friend): LOOK AT THE LINK (23:56:43) (friend):… he he! very easy to be fooled, nice little prank, should say ;-)