Submitted by hpnadig on May 9, 2004 - 09:54
cap_haddock.jpg Filibusters! Patagonians! Kleptomaniacs! Pyrographers! Macrocephalic baboon!
!!?? No! I'm not cursing anyone! These are the (famous) curses by Captain Haddock. Those who might've read Tintin comics would know about this very illustrious character. Captain Haddock in 'Adventures of Tintin' has always been entertaining to the readers. His humourous character gives a color to each Adventure he's in, along with Tintin. May it be Castafiore Emerald, or Crab with Golden Claws or Red Rackenham's Treasure, the illustrious Captain Haddock is sure to win readers' heart. And with his curses, he's sure to bring smiles onto the faces along with witty, always cautious Tintin and cute dog snowy. Here's a Complete List of the curses. and here's a Flash version of it. During the school days, our great companion for the liesure hours used to be either Tintin or Asterix. We used to fight for our copies given in Library, swap copies, and do almost anything to get them! Amongst the books that were given to us (as far as I can remember) were Tinkle (A famous fortnightly published cartoon Magazine of India), Tinkle Digest (A Digest of the same), Chandamama and Tintin, Asterix Comics and not to forget the 'Indrajala Comics' and 'The Amar Chitra Katha'. We used to enjoy these a lot, but the ones we largely enjoyed were the Adventures of Tintin and Asterix Adventures. I remember waiting at the small branch of the Central Library in Vinobhanagar, Shimoga, to get hold of my copy of Asterix Adventuers for the day. I used to miss my daily cricket on our favourite ground... such was the craze for those books. The Books were too costly for us, then, to afford a personal copy. Moreover, these were treated like antiques in the Library (as they were the most costly books in the Children's secton), sometimes the brand new copies of those books were not allowed to be taken home. I still remember sitting in that small Library which was temperorily housed in a small house taken for rent by the government, where there were these families of stubborn mosquitos which were used (so well) to take advantage of our zeal for books. ;-) Few days back, when I was just going through a blog entry and saw Cap. Haddock's curses there. It refreshed my memories of those nice days we spent reading such books and enjoyed the time. Couldn't resist blogging about this. But alas, now, it's time to get back to work.