It`s been google, all the way...

Submitted by hpnadig on May 4, 2004 - 19:03
All news, stories, blog entries these days are filled up with news about Google - Google going IPO, Gmail, Orkut, etc etc. (and here goes another one..) First it was getting into orkut, now it's about getting gmail accounts. Google's invite policy has had its effect. As people are hunting for invites for gmail account, there's news that google accounts have went up for a bid at ebay! while all these are on, there's been debates on 'should gmail be blocked'! I was taken by surprise when I saw a *sponsored link* on a Google search saying:
Should Gmail be blocked? Should privacy issue stop the new email service? See survey
whew! now, that's some Irony. There has been even a Yahoo! Group too, to discuss Gmail. Many bloggers at blogger got gmail accounts. gaud, they might now probably be saying, "we're feeling Lucky".