Bengaluru traffic at dusk

Submitted by hpn on May 15, 2015 - 06:46

(Something that I had just jotted down earlier on Facebook.)

Given any hour of the day, driving in Bengaluru is no fun.

Driving by twilight is the worst, especially after a tiresome day. At this time of the day, people of this city become more ruthless on the road. Overtaking from the wrong side, getting on wrong side of the road is quite common - as though nobody gives it a damn.

Motor bikes buzz through the traffic as though they are invincible, speeding through, carving a never existing zig zag route between the vehicles. At times, the rider riding without even the helmet zips through speedily in what can seem like a stunt being pulled off in real time.

Pedestrians give it a shot of their life when crossing the roads. And if you're lucky, you'll spot them doing so. Several roads often challenge you with near zero visibility, for the street lights are seldom switched on. The pedestrians crossing the road at random locations in between is of course not quite uncommon. Watch out for those who spring up a big surprise by making a jump onto the road, from what seems like nowhere - worse than any video game you may have played this scenario with. The sharp difference being pretty much the real risk of an accident.

By dusk, finding a parking space becomes more difficult than ever inside the city and people wouldn't spare a thought or give space for even those with emergencies. Fuming smoke, noisy horns, Loud music decks and confusing voices - they all welcome you to an evening party on Bengaluru roads.


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