11th year in Bengaluru

Submitted by hpn on April 9, 2011 - 22:33


11th year in Bengaluru

Of late, whenever anyone throws a question asking which place (city) I'm from, there isn't by any means a ready answer. The confusion lies in the fact that I haven't lived for long in any place that I could call my home town and that I've lived major part of my life till now in the city of Bengaluru! Yes, I was born in Davanagere. The city famous for its Dosa and cotton mills. I was brought up in the lovely fort city of Chitradurga. Rocky hills, ponds and the truly mesmerizing channels of harvested rain water running into ponds that always made us wonder how the city even got into facing scarcity of water. It is said that a British officer who visited Chitradurga fort was quite relieved that they did not have to fight to win it. The historic fort is said to have been impenetrable.

It was then Mysore for me. Back then, we enjoyed all the academic environment there that contributed greatly to what we are now. Mysore was a great place - the palaces, the history, culture and glory made us proud Kannadigas. Mysore was also the place where I was first introduced to computers. I was probably ten years old at that time. Some brilliant teachers taught us English there. There were libraries everywhere. And then there was the University swimming pool! The fact that future members of Indian Cricket team played at the 'Pavillion' made us feel like we were living in some extraordinary city.

We then moved to Shimoga. Shimoga is supposed to be our native place. Our family is from there. My father comes from a little place near Shimoga and most of our relatives are still in and around this city. A special place it turned out to be after we moved to this city. Shimoga has many patrons of Kannada language. Five long years studying in school and college was spent in Shimoga.


11th year in Bengaluru

It was then the big city that presented opportunities - the ever growing Bengaluru. The years spent living in this city has transformed us into full-fledged Bangaloreans. We enjoy eating outside. We skirmish with the traffic. And then the nostalgia of the cities we lived in - although greatly cherished isn't just enough to get us to think less of Bengaluru or move away from here. This year would be my 11th year in this city. 

So, the next time someone asks which place (or city) I'm from, I should probably be answering "Bengaluru".

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