Ten years on the web

Submitted by hpn on March 24, 2011 - 16:41

Watching Cricket today was like the old times. Whether or not India wins, the World Cup sure has taken me back to Cricket nostalgia. Somewhere between all this, I just remembered how my own website started as a blog to write about Cricket back then - around 10 years back. It had started out as a little set of HTML pages on Geocities (a service that was provided by yahoo). I had this huge fan page just about Jammy (Rahul Dravid) and much of the website was mainly about Cricket. It was those Cricket crazy days. Any excuse could do to watch Cricket even during exams or just to go out and play Cricket on the road. Now, the craze just ends at an occasional game of Cricket on Android!

However, the addiction before getting out of the craze, had become catastrophic. I had to make a conscious attempt to keep away from anything that was Cricket except for rare visits to Cricinfo (which has now been acquired by ESPN and has become ESPNCricinfo). I had been quite successful in keeping myself away from watching Cricket matches for last few years - keeping myself busy with something or the other - more so when there were matches that couldn't be missed! The annoying ads played between every 'over' on TV was sort of an excuse or probably was one great excuse for me to not watch Cricket matches. It had worked really well. All that changed with an HD DTH connection I subscribed to last month. ESPN has a dedicated HD channel that telcasts live with amazing picture quality and without ads in between! The DTH service provider must have seen Cricket crazy people coming back to their old habits of watching Cricket through this or it might have been just me. I was completely bowled by the offer. Good thing though, because of that I now get to relax watching Nat Geo or Discovery in HD on occasions when I'm able to find time after the day's work.

Ironically, this website got less or no updates for quite a long time. The plan is to start writing back again, and if possible - regularly. My skills at blogging (whatever it was) seem to have gotten a bit more rustic, few words recorded now and then here should be rather good for that. Meanwhile, I have been posting some pictures I clicked and I have been writing whenever I've had a chance to, in Kannada and those blog posts are available for reading on Sampada. And life has changed quite a lot.


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